Easing up through acupressure massage

There is no doubt about the fact that taking care of your health and beauty would be relatively easy if not the stress and hardships of everyday life. Even though most of the problems are there to be solved immediately, the tension rooted and held in the body often times overshadows clear thinking and therefore we get to make our decisions unable to see the clear picture. The right amount of relaxation and emotional stability are the main factors that make us feel good in our bodies and avoid serious illnesses in the long run.

That is the purpose of the acupressure massage (now more than ever popular) which is a variation of meridian and energy therapy. The technique derives from Chinese acupressure and Japanese shiatsu. During the session masseur detects hidden tensions that are related to unspecified emotions and therefore affects those spots reducing the cause of stress and illness. This increases your ability to take care of your health and beauty through the effective battle with such common problems of contemporary people as the pain of shoulders, back and legs.

Yet this particular method that is being offered is exclusive. It is the combination of a classical acupressure technology with the knowledge (gained directly from dr. Chen Zhen-yu ) that links biologically active points with emotions. Also, the knowledge of contemporary psychotherapy provides even more insight detecting not only emotional tension but also its roots.

The physical lightness gained during the massage is not the only benefit you get. The most important thing is that clients feel emotional freedom, increased ability to deal with problems with no unnecessary distress or tension.

Vilija Matulionyte : I would like to tell that Valentinas is indeed very gifted. I did a few sessions which helped me detect the roots of psychological problems that I was having at that time – it is as if there was someone hiding behind those points that needed to be extracted into the daylight. Through the pressing of the ponts my body understood that it is better not to hold on to the tension.

Giedre Griciene Thank you Valentinas! I came back home to realise that I am very relaxed. It got easy. I think that I was acting differently with my family. I was softer, lighter, gentler. I woke up in the middle of the night, as usually, but with pleasant surprise and realisation that it has improved. The fear went away. It is so wonderful that we have Such Methods and Such People. That is a good gift.

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