Congratulations, Valentinas, on this great breakthrough you have made, all due to your amazing capacity for hard work and thoughtfulness towards others.

Denise Puttock, Director of Studies, the School of Dance Therapy

Learning which never bothers

Make your corporative training an event which will reward your team with vigour and sustainable skills.

Argentine tango – a social dance included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists – is increasingly used in the area of organizational development and teambuilding.

Dancing even the easiest steps of tango creates:

  • a dynamic model for investigation and improvement of interpersonal and inter-organisational relationships;
  • an environment for learning of leadership and communication skills from feedback provided by your own movements.

Dance-mind coaching sessions aim to diagnose the external challenges and trends as well as the internal competences and capacities of your organisation, eliminate psychological obstructions that restrain growth, strengthen commitment and motivation for high performance. It is a great opportunity to foster creative tension in your team maintained by supportive, trustworthy leaders and trusting, responsive employees.

Beyond that, the participants of the sessions learn the tango steps and get rid of stress caused by office work. Unlike simulation, dance movements are “doing the real thing” as in Dale’s cone of experience and result in remembering more than 90% of the training content.

The balance of male and female participants is not needed. The exercises do not require any special physical skills, the authentic tango steps are natural and comfortable even to introvert and shy people.


Valentinas Kulinič, certified dance therapist and NLP practitioner, lecturer at Vilnius University, has been a team manager in the most important translation projects in Lithuania: localisation of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office, translation services for the European Parliament, the Directorate-General for Translation of the European Commission, the Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union, Hewlett-Packard, Lionbridge, HNIT, WHP, Nero and other companies.

Dances Argentinean tango since 2001, has learned it from world-class tango masters Ruben Terbalca, Jorge Rodriguez, Brigita Urbietytė, Carlos Rodriguez and others and has held quite many dance-mind coaching workshops in Lithuania and England.

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